Finally something worth posting!!  It just took me a month to get it here (and a YEAR since my last “real” post).

In August and September, we spent almost 3 weeks traveling around South Dakota and Wyoming.  It was the most amazing trip ever.  If I can get my face out of Facebook, I’ll try to post a real summary of our trip.  For now, I just wanted to point out something in my photos that I found really interesting.

Here are the collections of rocks Simon and Alvin found on a beach near Grant Village in Yellowstone National Park.  Since you can’t take stuff with you from the parks — not even rocks (shame on you if you did!), we took photographs of their treasures.  I found it so interesting the difference in their collections.

Simon’s collection looked like this:


Alvin’s collection looked like this:


Isn’t that fascinating?  Or is it just me?